This vase was shaped, hollowed, smoothed, and finished by hand on a wood lathe. It was made from a special type of polyester resin material and I've polished it to a brilliant high gloss shine that really catches the eye.  It has a lovely pearlescence and star-like sparkles that shifts as the angle of light changes when you turn the vase in your hand. I've shown larger photos so you can see the amazing detail that is so hard to see in a smaller photograph.  I've also show several views of the vase so you can view it from different angles.  But the pictures can not capture the brilliance, sparkle, and color changes  seen when held in your hand.  This is a beautiful piece that would enhance any collection or be a great starter for a new collection!
Dollhouse Miniature Turning TEAL GREEN Polyester style Vase Height:  1 & 11/32"  Diameter: 25/32"
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